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Clynelish Whisky Distillery

Clynelish Whisky

The existing Clynelish distillery is located in the North Highland town of Sutherland and was originally built in 1967/68 as an expansion to the output of the nearby, original Clynelish distillery which was later to be renamed Brora. Built in the “Waterloo Street” style, the distillery shares a superficial resemblance with several other distilleries built or rebuilt at that time, such as Coal Ila and Craigellachie. It is has a considerable output and is one of Diageo’s most important spirit producers, with its whisky playing a key role in many of the company’s blends.

Clynelish has long been held in high regard by a firm following of whisky lovers and is now considered to be amongst the great distilleries of the world. The whisky is one of the most characterful in Scotland with a distinctly waxy note that sits well alongside its coastal suggestions and dry, mineral spirit character. As well as being an excellent if slightly challenging whisky when young, Clynelish ages very well and many of the older bottlings, particularly those from 1972, are highly sought after.